talk about your dream job

When you appear for a job interview, it usually happens when an interviewer come up with a question “what is your dream job?” which can be a challenging question to lớn answer. To answer in a best possible way, try to lớn connect your answer to lớn the position you are applying for.

Let’s explore more about the information recruiters hope to lớn discover through your response.

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What the interviewer really wants to lớn know?

The interviewer asks this type of question to lớn get an idea of your passion, motivation and values as an employee. However, they would also lượt thích to lớn know whether or not you’re satisfied with the job position if you got the job offer. And also try to lớn figure out if you have the necessary skills required for the job role.

Tips to lớn answer “What is your dream job?” in an interview

  • Be clear with what you want in a job:

It is not always about the specific job you’re applying for. Instead, you can talk about various roles and responsibilities you’d lượt thích to lớn have in your role, the skills you lượt thích using, values and the type of work environment you succeed in.

  • Include fundamentals of the job you’re applying for:

If you’re applying for an SEO jobs, you might say that your dream job would include increase raw traffic to lớn your trang web, branding, lead generation and direct marketing, increase e-commerce sales and many others related to lớn it.

  • You can talk about the ideal work environment and company culture:

When answering about your dream job, you can include what kind of work environment and company culture you would prefer to lớn work and how it will positively impact you. You can say it lượt thích you want to lớn be in a warm, inviting work environment and working collaboratively in a team.

  • Be enthusiastic:

When you are applying for the specific job role, you need to lớn find why you are applying for this job, what interest you about the specific position? While answering this question you can refer to lớn both skills you have at present and want to lớn utilize, and ones that you’d lượt thích to lớn add in the new job.

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Examples of answers


So, my dream job will be to lớn work for an organization or industry that shares the same faith and is eager to lớn make general facilities accessible to lớn the deprived. This will help not only help the clients but also to lớn the business who genuinely consider in their passion for curing out things efficiently. 


My dream job would be lượt thích to lớn lead a team that’s making a change with the use of cutting-edge technologies that are utilized by millions. I read on your job mô tả tìm kiếm that this Supervisor role can grow into a Manager in the next 2-3 years, and it seems lượt thích the applications your company is structuring are having a significant impact on the business world already, so sánh I knew I should apply!”

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My dream job would let bầm explore the trang web nội dung for various organizations. I love to lớn write and make copies for clients to lớn suit their needs. I also find a job interesting which involves roles from multiple industries. In my previous job, I was assigned to lớn work with various stakeholders and different organization. I love that this job role would also allow bầm to lớn work with a different range of clients.

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