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2nd November 2023: We checked for new Rage of Demon King codes.

Rage of Demon King is a free-to-play game based on the smash hit anime series Demon Slayer. All your favourite characters lượt thích Nezuko and Zenitsu are available to tướng play in this auto-battling RPG for Android and iOS devices.

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Being a gacha-style game, you'll need Summon Tickets sánh you can pull for new characters to tướng add to tướng your buổi tiệc ngọt. And that's where our list of Rage of Demon King codes come in handy, as these codes can help you claim Summon Tickets entirely for miễn phí. Codes can also help you bag plenty of Gems and Coins which are needed to tướng purchase in-game items. If this sounds useful then we've got a list of all the latest codes below.

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  • Latest Rage of Demon King codes
  • How to tướng redeem Rage of Demon King codes

Latest Rage of Demon King codes

  • DSyzcTYLbm - 500 Gems, 200k Hero EXP, 800k Gold, 50 Nezuko Academy Ver.[Shard], 2 Compressor, 5 Adv. Summon Ticket, 100 Runes Shard, 5 Wheel Coin, 80 Secrets Scroll, 5 Arena Refresh Ticket
  • DS666 - 100 Gems, 50k Gold, 5 Random 5 Star Shard, 50 Break Stone
  • DS777 - 100 Gems, 2 Adv. Summon Ticket, 100k Gold, 10 Random 4 Star Shard
  • DS888 - 100 Gems, 100k Gold, 1 Adv. Summon Ticket, 5 Arena Refresh Ticket, 5 Hãng Intel Refresh Ticket

How to tướng redeem Rage of Demon King codes

Here's how to tướng redeem codes in Rage of Demon King:

  1. Launch Rage of Demon King on your Android or iOS device.
  2. Click the character icon in the top left corner of the main screen.
  3. Arrow pointing at the button players need to tướng press to tướng get to tướng the codes thực đơn in Rage of Demon King.
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  4. On the next screen tap the 'Redeem code' button on the panel on the right.
  5. A Codes thực đơn will then appear with a textbox. Type in a code and press the 'Redeem' button.
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If you entered in a valid code a notification screen will appear on screen saying "Congrats!" and letting you know what goodies you've claimed. If you get an error message saying "Redeem code not found" then double kiểm tra you entered in the code correctly. Codes for Rage of Demon King are case sensitive sánh make sure you've used capital letters and lower case letters when needed.

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