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Cars have always been one of the kids’ all-time favorite toys. It has also long been the subject of many animated movies and series, among the most notable ones are Cars, Speed Racer, and Hot Wheels.

What if you can create your very own unique dream car?

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With this step-by-step tutorial on how vĩ đại draw a xế hộp, you can make your dreams come true! Take this as an opportunity vĩ đại customize a xế hộp and visualize your imaginary xế hộp onto paper.

how vĩ đại draw a xế hộp in 9 steps

This will surely be an enjoyable activity for anyone who loves cars.

If you have a kid who is passionate about cars, then drawing a xế hộp is definitely the perfect activity vĩ đại keep your kids entertained and creative at the same time.

Have fun bringing your dream xế hộp vĩ đại life!

How vĩ đại Draw a Car — Let’s get started!

Step 1car drawing – step 1

Draw two small circles on the lower portion of your paper. This will be the inner outline of your xế hộp wheels.

Don’t worry if you can freehand a perfect circle shape! You can always use a compass, a drawing tool that helps you draw a flawless circle quickly and easily.

Step 2 — Draw the Wheels of the Carcar drawing – step 2

Draw another two circles surrounding the small circles we drew in the previous step.

Once you’ve finished drawing the circle shapes, it should look lượt thích a pair of wheels, as shown in the illustration. The wheels should also be about an inch apart.

Step 3 — Attach the Bumpers vĩ đại the Wheels

car drawing – step 3

Draw a long, narrow rectangular shape connecting both wheels. The bumper will serve as the foundation of the xế hộp so sánh make sure vĩ đại make it as long as you want your xế hộp vĩ đại be.

Step 4 — Outline the Body of the Carcar drawing – step 4

Right above the bumper, structure the outline of the car’s body toàn thân by drawing downward curved lines extending all the way vĩ đại the other over of the bumper.

The outline consists of two downward curved lines: one small curved line for the hood connected vĩ đại a relatively bigger curved line vĩ đại size the roof of the xế hộp,

Step 5 — Draw the Front Door Windowcar drawing – step 5

On the left side of the roof, draw a curved line following the outline of the roof. Then, connect both ends of the curved line with a left-facing 90-degree angle line.

Step 6 — Next, Draw the Rear Door Windowcar drawing – step 6

Repeat the previous step on the other side of the xế hộp vĩ đại create two even and proportion xế hộp windows. The front window must be slightly bigger than vãn the rear window.

Step 7 — Then, Outline the Front Doorcar drawing – step 7

Create the front door by drawing a square shape with curved corners right underneath the front window. Keep in mind that the front window and the front door should be aligned and even.

Step 8 — Draw the Lights and the Door Handlecar drawing – step 8

Now, it’s time vĩ đại add details on the xế hộp vĩ đại make it appear more realistic.

Start by drawing half circle shapes on both ends of the xế hộp vĩ đại create the headlight and taillight. The lights should be located just right above the bumper of the xế hộp.

Step 9 — Add Patterns on the Car Windowscar drawing – step 9

Car windows are typically reflective, thus resulting in visible diagonal patterns. Draw multiple parallel diagonal lines on each xế hộp window vĩ đại create the illusion of a “reflection”.

Now that you have successfully drawn a xế hộp, it’s time vĩ đại the most exciting part—coloring your awesome car drawing! Go ahead and pick the colors vĩ đại make your xế hộp vibrant and colorful!

Cars come in a wide range of designs and exist in every color. So, if you have a favorite color, there’s most probably a xế hộp with that color.

This gives you a lot of color options vĩ đại choose from when coloring your xế hộp.

car drawing – 9 steps

3 More tips vĩ đại make your car drawing easy!

Drawing cars is notoriously challenging, but these 3 tips will make it a smooth ride!

Learning how vĩ đại create a car drawing is a challenge that can strike fear into even the most seasoned artist!

That’s why we will be showing you a few ways vĩ đại make it so sánh much easier. As with any drawing challenge, using reference material can make a world of difference.

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Looking up lots of photos of cars will not only make drawing this one easier, but they will also help if you wish vĩ đại make this one look lượt thích a different kind of xế hộp.

It can also help vĩ đại make drawing aspects lượt thích the wheels, side view mirrors and other more finicky details much easier vĩ đại draw.

Doing this would also allow you vĩ đại make this cartoony design more realistic if you prefer.

The thing that makes learning how vĩ đại draw a xế hộp so sánh difficult is that there are many specific shapes, details and other elements that have vĩ đại be just right.

If they’re even a bit off, they can make the shape look unnatural. That’s why we recommend using a light pencil vĩ đại draw all of the steps first, even for a simpler design lượt thích this.

That can really make this car drawing easy for you vĩ đại complete, as you don’t have vĩ đại worry about making mistakes.

When you’re happy with how the lines look, you can then go over them with your pen or a darker pencil.

When it comes vĩ đại drawing anything, the smaller you draw it the harder it gets. That’s why for this xế hộp sketch we would recommend drawing on the biggest piece of paper you can.

You can enlarge the pictures we have provided so sánh that you can get a better look at the xế hộp door handles, windows, wheels and other details.

By doing that, you also over up with a picture that really catches the eye, as it will be larger and even more impressive! As long as you work on these three tips, it will make this an easy vĩ đại draw car!

Your Car Drawing is Complete!

Hopefully, you or your kids had a lot of fun learning how vĩ đại draw a xế hộp with this step-by-step tutorial.

This is a great and enjoyable way vĩ đại hone your artistic skills and bring your dream xế hộp vĩ đại life at the same time!

Remember, we are always uploading brand-new drawing tutorials vĩ đại update our catalog regularly. So, make sure you keep checking back vĩ đại continuously learn how vĩ đại draw something new.

We are looking forward vĩ đại seeing what you will be drawing next!

Once you’ve finished drawing and coloring a xế hộp, don’t forget vĩ đại show off your masterpiece!

Share your artwork on our Facebook page, on Pinterest, and on other social truyền thông media channels. Be proud of your work of art and let the world appreciate your talent.

We are so sánh excited vĩ đại see what your dream xế hộp looks like!

how vĩ đại draw a xế hộp in 9 easy steps

Some Final Tips To Make This Car Drawing Even More Unique

Completing this guide on how vĩ đại draw a xế hộp doesn’t need vĩ đại be the end! We felt lượt thích there is more fun vĩ đại be had here, so sánh we wanted vĩ đại present a few more ideas vĩ đại try out.

One way vĩ đại make this drawing even better would be vĩ đại add more vĩ đại it. This is something that we touched on in the article, but we really think it’s one of the best ways vĩ đại make the image more unique and cool.

These could be some of the things we suggested such as additional vehicles. Or, you could go for something really crazy lượt thích a rampaging dinosaur.

Why not! There are no wrong ways vĩ đại add vĩ đại this image, and the crazier it is, the more interesting it will be.

When you really have the hốc of this design, you could also try vĩ đại make it more detailed. One way vĩ đại tự this would be vĩ đại use the images of this guide along with additional resources.

You could even use the xế hộp of a family thành viên or a friend. Try vĩ đại look at the real xế hộp from the same angle as the one we drew.

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You can see how the details and proportions vary or are similar, and you can use that vĩ đại create a new drawing. It could be a separate drawing, or you could have them next vĩ đại one another vĩ đại contrast them.

You could also use some crafts vĩ đại make the drawing even more special. One idea would be vĩ đại make exhaust smoke by sticking some cốt tông wool on the back of the car!

That’s one idea, but what other creative touches can you think of?