bạn thân tiếng anh là gì

các bạn thân {danh}

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bạn tri kỷ thiết {tính}

bạn tri kỷ mến {nhiều}

bạn tri kỷ thiết {danh}

người bạn tri kỷ thiết {danh}

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Thân mời mọc bạn... cho tới tham gia lễ trở nên hít của... và... vào trong ngày... bên trên...

Because you have been very important in their lives, …and…request your presence at their wedding on…at…

Ví dụ về đơn ngữ

All of those journalists and editors remain dear friends of mine... and each other.

He was special lớn bủ as we had been dear friends for a long time and shared ví many bonds.

So, duly encouraged, it's once more unto the breach, dear friends.

But we had some adventures and became very dear friends.

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The dear friends have helped each other enjoy and endure everything that life's thrown at them.

A dear friend pulled bủ aside, phối bủ on the straight and narrow.

He is a dear friend and has been my colleague.

Bob was a dear friend and a deeply committed public servant.

He was a lovely person and dear friend.

A neighbour, who was present when the woman was discovered, described her as a dear friend.

Some family members, outraged by the terror their loved one had faced, chanted along.

For the family the pain of losing a loved one lớn addiction is unimaginable.

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It was used by people wanting lớn keep a memento lớn a loved one before the invention of photography.

The first person lost a loved one at the hands of an inmate who escaped during a jailbreak.

Reminiscence has also been used lớn help people giảm giá with the death of a loved one.